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Enrollment Procedures

about 1 year ago

To enroll your child in Munford Middle School you will need the following documents and information:

_____Withdrawal papers from previous school ( If you do not have these, then you will need to get them.  It is the responsibility of the parent to withdraw a student from their previous school.)

_____Copy of birth certificate (OPTIONAL)  This is usually with the withdrawal papers from the previous school.  If your child will play sports this is a must!!

_____Copy of Social Security Card (OPTIONAL)  This is usually with the withdrawal papers from the previous school.

_____Shot record (Blue Slip)  This document must be up-to-date.  Expired records or missing shot records will not be accepted.  6th grade and beyond must have the Tdap shot indicated.

_____TWO Proofs of Residence;  the only forms of proof accepted are electric bills, phone bills with the physical address, water bill with the physical address, driver’s license and lease agreement.  One proof must be a utility bill with the physical address.  If you rent or live with someone in their home, then you must have a verification of residence form filled out, signed by the owner and NOTARIZED along with 2 bills in the name of the person you are renting from with the physical address.

_____Custody/Divorce Papers/Paternity Orders, the papers MUST indicate that the parent/custodian enrolling the child has primary physical placement.  Foster parents enrolling a child must have documentation indicating that DHR has custody and that the foster parent is allowed to enroll.


Falsifying information on enrollment forms is punishable by law. A County Resource Officer will make home visits to verify information. 

We will not enroll a student without all of the documentation mentioned above including our new enrollment packet that must be completely filled out.



By Angie Daniel

Making Appointments

10 months ago

You can make an appointment in the following ways:

Phone Call:  256-315-5241


It is best to make appointments to see the counselor.  The counselor has many responsibilities and may not be available to see parents or guardians without an appointment.

By Angie Daniel

Important Dates

8 months ago

These are some important dates for the 2017-2018 School Year:

August 15, 2017--Tech Workshop for Parents 8:30 am and 6:00 pm

November 7, 2017--Tech Workshop for Parents 8:15 am and 6:00 pm

                                    High School 4 Year Plans Workshop for Parents 6:30 pm

By Angie Daniel

School-Based Programs

10 months ago

By Angie Daniel

RtI--This program is for any student who may be struggling academically and/or behaviorally.

Section 504--This program is for students who have a medical and/or mental health diagnosis that interferes with a major life activity.

IDEA (Special Education)--This program is for students who have a learning deficiency.

Students can be referred by school personnel and/or parents for all programs.  Section 504 and IDEA referrals must go through an evaluation process.  Additionally, parents must consent to services through 504 and IDEA services.

Bullying Defined

10 months ago

What is Bullying?  Bullying has four elements:

  1. Pain- Someone intentionally hurts a person in a physical, psychological or sexual manner

  2. Power- The person who is bullying another is ‘perceived’ as more powerful than the victim

  3. Persistence- it happens more than once; it is a repeated act

  4. Permission- usually someone else knows about the bullying and allows it to happen by NOT taking action. These onlookers are called ‘silent witnesses’.

What Bullying is NOT-  Here are some behaviors that are often mistaken for bullying:

  • Arguments or conflicts- A typical argument between two people is not bullying.

  • Choosing one friend over another- Choosing friends and not spending time with people who are not your friends is not bullying

  • Being bossy- While it is not fun to be around someone who is bossy, a student always wanting things their way/being bossy, is NOT bullying.

  • Telling a joke about someone- It is never fun to be the butt of a joke, but there is a difference between making a joke one time and constantly making fun of someone.

  • Fighting- One fight in and of itself is not a form of bullying. However, if someone continually picks a fight or attempts to pick a fight with another person, that is bullying.

  • Telling another person you don’t like him/her or something he/she did- Although this may not be easy to hear, it is not necessarily a form of bullying. It is someone communicating his/her feelings.

  • Acts of harassment, aggression, or unkindness that only happen once- Bullying is a repetitive behavior. Therefore, something that happens once is not necessarily an act of bullying. Could it be harmful or mean? Absolutely, so inform school staff so it can be addressed through regular discipline procedures.

What do I do if my child is being bullied, based on the “What is Bullying?” description above:

  1. Students and/or parents will need to complete a Student Harassment Report/Referral form

  • Form can be picked up in office, classrooms or in halls

  • Link to form can be found on school website (

  1. After completing form, meet with counselor and/or administrator(s) to discuss issue

  2. Counselor and/or administrator will then investigate issue and follow-up accordingly

        Student Incident Report Form      

Parent Newsletters

2 months ago

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Additional Information

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Useful Websites

2 months ago

Co-Parenting Resources

Mental Health Agency

Alta Pointe (Talladega County)                                                                        256-362-8600

Calhoun-Cleburne Mental Health                                                                  256-263-8003


Citizens BMC (Emergency Dept.)                                                                     256-362-8111

Mountainview               (Hospital)                                                                      800-245-3645


Kelly Kaplan (Counselor)                                                                                     256-602-4046

Andrea Gregg (Counselor)                                                                                  256-812-5340

Grant Nichols (Counselor)                                                                                   256-344-4633 ext. 309

Shelly Peed (Counselor)                                                                                        678-713-4968

Anjuli Thompson (Counselor)                                                                             256-499-2608

Peter Boyle (Counselor)                                                                                        205-289-3510

Derek Smith (Counselor)                                                                                      256-676-2323

Psychologists (Testing/Evaluations)

Joseph B. Howell                                                                                                     256-260-9520

Lucille Bodenheimer                                                                                               256-236-0070

Other Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline                                                                     800-273-8255