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Language Arts - S. Tidmore

about 1 month ago

By Lynn Ritchie

7th Grade English

THIS WEEK: Regular classes will have an 80 percent UNIT 2 Test on Thursday. Regular and A.P. Classes will have an Essay to do IN CLASS this week for an 80 percent grade.

DAILY: Students will come to class and work on a bellringer, notes, and common core curriculum daily. Students will be given at least 3 days notice to prepare for major tests (80 percent test grades). Students have homework every night to read A.R. for 20 minutes. Students are expected to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Life Science 7th Grade Mrs. Macoy
Prefix/Suffix Quiz - each Wednesday
(paper copy of lists in Science notebook for all of the nine weeks)
Test on Chapter 6 Monday, November 20
quizlet is on Google Classroom

Pre - Algebra- Moore

about 1 month ago

By Shannon Moore

Test - Inequalities 11/03  

IXL assignments due 11/06 (Grade 8 X.4, X.5, X.6 and X.7)

7th Grade Math - Moore

about 1 month ago

Students began our inequalities unit on 11/01.  Please look for homework and their spiral notebook to go home daily.

Test 11/10

By Lynn Ritchie