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Speak Up Survey for Parents
Information from this survey may be used to make decisions regarding technology purchases, professional development needs, and for long-term. planning

How to take the survey:
1. Visit
2. Click on begin survey.
3. Select your group (e.g. students, parents, educators, community, group surveys).
4. Search for your school by entering your zip code (36268) or by selecting your state and selecting your school’s name from the list.
5. Read the instructions and begin the survey. • Please note that the Speak Up surveys are designed to be completed in one 20-minute online session. Unfortunately, once you exit the survey you will not be able to log back in to your original survey session. Be sure to write down your survey number (found on the top left hand side of the screen in red) in case you are unable to complete the survey and would like your survey deleted.

The deadline for completing the survey is January 19th
We will foster students by providing an environment of cooperation, goal-setting, accountability, and respect regardless of social and academic ability.

Munford Middle School students will have ownership of individual academic and life skills in order to be college and/or career-minded.

S - Self-Motivated
T - Teamwork
R - Respect
O - Ownership
N - Never Give Up
G - Goal-Setting
E - Engaged with Tech.
R - Rigor and Real World

Digital Device Policy